Why does my cat put his paw on my face

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Why does my cat put her paw on my face

So, your feline has laid down beside you, and it just looks so innocent you can’t control yourself and start kissing her. After a few kisses, your cat put her paws onto you and leaves them there for too long. When a cat desires something, they will express it through certain gestures. Considering that cats have complicated emotions, it is important for you as the cat owner to gain an understanding of what your cat wants when she gently puts her paws your face.

By certain behaviours and body languages, the felines can convey different desires, thoughts and sentiments. There are a lot of strange behaviours that are usually shown by quite a significant number of cats. Most owners love the feeling of a soft paw on their face, even if it is the 2 at night! Have your cats ever noticed this behaviour in your cat? What kind of tapping do your cats do? What are the reasons behind this? We’ve selected 10 general reasons why cats put their paws on your faces gently. There may be a lot more. We can only assume by understanding a cat’s body language.

To seek your attention

When your cat puts her paw on your face in a rather immediate and rough way, she may be striving to get your attention for multiple reasons. If you observe that your cat paws your face when you are too busy in reading a novel, watching TV or your mobile, that means they can’t see you giving more attention to something or someone else. Even though cats have unfriendly nature, but at times they want more attention. At last, they do have demands.

Your cat wants to snuggle with you

If your cats nuzzle up to you while sleeping and gently touch your face with their paws in sleeping position, this is a definite indication of her trust. It may also be doing this because he wants to snuggle with you. Cats are very smart animals; they don’t forget how you respond to a lot of things they do. So, if you like its snuggling it will often show this behaviour to make you happy.  

To wake you up

As everyone knows, how well anything on our face works to wake us up in the morning – especially for the people who are very hard to wake. If you get awakened by fluffy paw on the face, you’re very lucky! Imagine it as your “woolly alarm clock” to inform you that the burning sun is already out!

Requesting Something

Cats possess several signals (body positions, facial expressions, and sounds) to transfer their message and avoid undesirable conflict. When your cat demands something, there is no best way of gaining your attention than placing a paw on your face; in this way they are checking that you pay attention.

Your Cat May be Hungry

A paw on your face may be a sweet indication of mealtime. If it’s not their time to eat, they can still feel peckish and ask for food. Some felines will even sit by their food bowl and hit it with their cute paws to get your attention to its emptiness.

You make your cat feel secure

If your cat sincerely trusts you, it may feel very relax when it sleeps next to you because it really thinks that you will surely protect it in case of any danger.  If your cat demands something different especially, like for you to open the room door and take her outside, or to reload its food bowl or hand over some tidbits. This might be the reason why your cat gently places her paws on your face.

As his way of saying that he wants to play with you

Your cat may be patting your face with her paws because she wants to tell you that start playing with her. Some cats usually paw at their owners’ faces to get their attention for a round of play. You can provide your cat with little cat toys to keep your cat engaged and glad. Mischievous behaviour is a definite indication of a joyful cat. Aged cats may not play much but they still have a sense of cheerfulness and will be engaged cheerfully with their pet parents who make them happy.

Your cat is using their paws to scent you

Another major reason why your cat places their paw on your face is their practice of shifting some of their pleasant scents to you. There is the number of glands at each cat paw that release pheromones. They also, sometimes, use their scent to mark their territory i.e. to recognize their owner or the particular person they would sleep with. That is how they can find you even when you’re sleeping in a completely dark room.

It is their approach to transmit their scent to you so that when any other cat gets in touch with you they will be alert that you “belong” to a specific cat. 

Your cat may be testing you

Another purpose of touching your face with his paw is that he’s putting you to a trial. Building trust and confidence is not an easy task and it can be time-consuming but can be achieved with your tolerance and care. As human beings, we only know our feline friends on a primary level, but it’s quite difficult to understand what they feel in-depth.

Keeping your cat’s paw clean

Cats must have clean feet to put on you whenever they need something. This is exactly why it’s necessary to frequently check and clean your cat’s feet and make sure they’re healthy.

  • Make sure that there are no unusual wounds in the cat’s paws.
  • A wet cloth is every effective to wipe away any mess from the feet.  
  • Massage your cat’s paw after every meal so that she can be less annoyed of your touch.
  • Trim its nails and don’t forget to do this every 10-15 days.

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