Why do cats like to sleep with you?

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Why do cats like to sleep with you

Every feline loves their owners, and it wants to show its love for you in many ways. Yes, it’s definitely cute and makes you get much closer to your cat. If you have a cat in your house, you will surely get up at night and find your feline cuddled up to you or sitting on your arms or head!

Have you ever asked yourself why your feline prefers to sleep next to you, or on you?. As a matter of fact, your cat probably sleeps next to you at night for numerous reasons. Your cat might sleep with you because they completely trust you. It’s not that easy for them to leave their own bed and spend their time sleeping with you.

Here are a few reasons for this preference of cat

1. Vulnerability

Everybody and every single thing in this world yearn for security. Your cat is no deviation! Although cats are tiny predators, they are also at danger of being preyed by large predators, so they have to be careful. Since they are very unsafe while they are sleeping, therefore the area your cat selects to rest must be free from danger and reliable location.

Even may your cat may enjoy the comfortable life indoors, she hasn’t ignored her wild instincts. As a safety precaution, she may prefer to sleep next to you. Don’t forget, if your cat makes its routine to sleep near you daily it means that something is disturbing her and it feels safe with you.

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2. To get warmth

The average body temperature of a cat is up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s why you might observe your cat take a snooze in sunny window possibly to gain as much heat as they can. When the surrounding temperature is high, it’s quite easy to sustain this temperature point. At the end of the day when warmth is gone, a cat could gain some heat by the side of a radiator, but it’s far cosier on top of you when you’re in your beloved armchair or when you’re resting beneath the bedcovers.

They desire warm and comfy places, so if they find it on your bed, they’ll surely select you to snuggle with. Consequently, both you and your cat will get the advantage of the warmth of sharing a bed. Remember, If your cat often prefers to sleep on your head, it’s possibly because your body emits heat from there while you are at rest, making it comfortable for your cat.

3. They want to bond

Your cat might sleep with you because they’re trying to show their love for you. If you’re just like many other people, you often remain busy throughout the day and spend most of your time in the day (or night) working. Eventually, When you come back home, all your feline does is to chase you until you sit or go to sleep for a good night rest so he can sleep on top of you. Cats are very faithful animals and will soon become your good friend. The snuggling, kissing and whispering all are signs of a single thing, which is affection.

4. Your smells and sounds are soothing

Cats possess about 67 million scent-analyzing cells inside their noses, in contrast to approximately 20 million in human beings. They love your pleasant smell . The soothing sounds of your body helps relax the feline when it sleeps with you. The periodic rhythm of your heartbeat and breath, help relieve your cat. It is observed that, the most of the scents and sounds released by human body help to relax the cat.

5. You’re her favorite

It is unbelievable, but your cat indeed sleeps on you because she loves you and trusts you. Felines are considered to be region-specific animals, which means they tend to detect their favourite persons as theirs. The cat considers its human’s bed the most secure place that is a sign of confidence.

Cats, just like many other domestic animals, can be more close to one family member. The reasons behind this are different, but it is observed that the person who gives more attention to cat daily have more chances of becoming that favourite person for the cat. You don’t have to learn fluent feline to create a strong association with a cat.

Her body language can help you to understand her expressions. If you succeed in understanding what she is trying to tell you, congratulations, you are her favourite person. In most of the cases, it is observed that a cat develop strong bonding with those who feed it on time. The powerful bond ends up giving a lot of relaxation, and the cat usually falls asleep in bed with its favourite family member.


Some cats don’t bother much about where they take rest. They may not even worry to spend time in bed with you. Contrastingly, you may have a cute creature that loves to have close contact with you. Sleeping with your cat can be a good adventure, but it all depends upon both you and your cat’s sleeping patterns and priorities. 

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Digestley January 21, 2021 - 7:38 am

cats prefer sleeping with owners or on hard surfaces because of aging they feel it difficult to regulate their body temperature.


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