How Do Cats Communicate With Humans

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How Do Cats Communicate With Humans

Have you ever seen your puffy cat rubbing against you, meowing, blinking his eyes, or showing a different tail posture? If yes, then do you ever want to know the reason behind it? No? The little sweetie cat is trying to communicate with you with all these signs and posture.

These are the ways of communication of cats with the humans around him. So, if you face any of such posture from your cat, give your best possible response to their calls to make your cats feel comfortable. Here, we are explaining a few ways on how cats communicate with humans. Get through all these points and start responding to the calls of your cutie.

Slow Blinks- A Way Of Your Cats Communication

Don’t forget that cats also have facial expressions. And they use these facial expressions to communicate with their humans. When your cat is sitting with you and looking at you for long with slow blinks, he is probably talking to you. Didn’t get it? If you find your cat doing this, it means that your cat is saying that he is comfortable sitting with you.

He is showing his trust in you and feeling relaxed and reposed. Slowly blinking the eyes shows the sign of acceptance towards their owners and feels relaxing. To respond to this gesture of your cat, blink your eyes slowly towards him too.

Rubbing Against You

Cats do rub against their owner’s legs to show their love for their owners. And it’s such an adorable and darling moment to watch! If you come home after a whole day, then your cat will run towards you and will start rubbing against your legs. He is saying, “I missed you a lot.” Or it may mean “I am happy to see you back at home.” At that time, he is also claiming you as his own. So never forget that a cat rubbing her with you is not less than hugging you.

Cat Communicating human

Tail Posture- A Bodily Way To Communicate

Not just the words or the sounds, the cats are masters in communicating with their owners through their bodily posture. And for this, they use their tail as the communicating part. If a cat has an erect tail with relaxed and flat fur, then it means he is trying to say, I am happy. However, a cat with the same tail posture but with upright fur shows that your cat is scared of something or another animal. Your cat moving towards you with a tucked tail is saying that he is feeling insecure.

When you see your cat with a thrashing tail, immediately show some love for him as he is showing himself upset. So, this is the time you need to make him feel comfortable. After reading this, you will have got how do cats communicate with their tails. So keep on looking out to bodily signals of your cat to respond to him accordingly.

The Halloween Pose For Communicating

A cat with an arched back, erect hair, and a high tail is with a Halloween pose showing his imperiling condition. In this condition, he wants to say, leave him alone. So, follow his wish and let him alone as it is better for you and your cat as well.

Purring- A Sign To Seek Attention

Cats use the sign of purring to communicate with the people around them. If you take its meaning that your cat is content, then you are right to a great level. Your cat wants to say, “don’t go away from me.” Or “don’t stop this as I am feeling relaxed.” But not always positive. Sometimes purring can refer to the sickness or ant injury of your cat. In this condition of sickness, he says you to stay with him through purring. In simple words, a cat purring is seeking comfort from his owner.

Meowing- Main Way Of Communicating Humans

Apart from all the other signs, if you see your cat meowing, he is talking to you. Yes, you. You may have noticed that cats meow less with other cats and other animals. They meow to communicate with humans. No doubt meows are all-purpose sounds, but not all the meows bear the same meaning. Cats consider meowing as the best way to communicate with humans after using all the communicating methods. So, most of the cats meow differently on different things to make their owners aware of what they want to say.

Apart from other domestic animals like dogs, cat’s communication is a little tricky to understand. Not just the verbal sounds but, you have to understand their non-verbal cues as well. Once you get all about the communication ways, it would increase your love for your puffy child. So try to get as much as you can to increase your affection for your puffy kitty.

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